Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Five January Highlights

Things that we did/happened in January:

1. We got a kitten. And she has grown a lot.
2. We watched Auburn win the National Championship. WAR EAGLE!
3. We had some surprise guests! Our friend Brittany and one of her friends had a 45 hour layover here in Houston on their way back from the National Championship. So we had a fun couple of days.
4. We joined a small group at church, which has been going fantastically so far.
5. Gerrit found out that he will be travel around the world (literally) for work in the late summer/early fall.

Now on to February! Which in my opinion is much better than January. Valentine's Day and my birthday. Plus I am going to travel home to visit my family, and we are going to take a mini-vacation to San Antonio to do some sight seeing and visit some of Gerrit's family.

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