Thursday, August 19, 2010


We have had an absolutely crazy and exciting time the last 3-ish weeks. We have gotten married, gone on our honeymoon, packed up all of our stuff and sent it to Houston (ok, actually the movers did this), and now we are getting ready to leave! Here are some highlights (in list form, of course).

1) The week before the wedding was pretty crazy. There were a lot of last minute details to finish, but it was so much better having Gerrit in town to help. Towards the end of the week we both had family come in to town, and we had a lot of fun catching up with them. The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner was on Friday night before the wedding, and it was so wonderful to see all sides of our family and friends come together and have a great time!

2) The wedding day was amazing. Everything went so smoothly, with the exception of a few small things that didn’t turn out quite right. But honestly, I didn’t care. We had a fantastic time, were in disbelief that we were actually getting married, and made so many lovely memories of the day.

3) We went on our honeymoon in Asheville, NC. We stayed in a cute little cabin up on a mountain with a view overlooking the city. So relaxing! We spent the week going to lots of delicious restaurants, hiking, touring the Biltmore, shopping, and relaxing.

4) Now we are in Huntsville and have had quite the time moving. The movers came on Monday and packed up our stuff. We were supposed to find out then when it would get there, but no. We have spent from Monday to Wednesday trying to get an answer as to when our belongings would arrive in Houston, and finally today we got a call that they could drop it off at 2:00 this afternoon. Uhm…problem, we are 12 hours away. So now we are leaving on Monday and they are going to deliver it on Tuesday. Craziness!

I guess the next post will be from our new apartment in Houston!