Friday, October 22, 2010

Family Visits and Football

At the beginning of this month we were so so happy to have our families visit us (minus 1 of Gerrit's brothers and my brother who are at school).

Gerrit's parents and brother got here on the first of the month and we spent a great weekend with them. We mostly just relaxed and hung out, watched football, drove around the city, did a little shopping. Also the weather was really lovely while they were here, and it has not been as good since they have left. :(

After they left on Monday, my parents got here on Wednesday and stayed through the next Monday. We did lots of relaxing, shopping, going out to eat, etc. We also went to the Houston vs. Mississippi State football game to cheer on on Bulldogs (although I admit my dad and I were glued to our phones for much of the game nervously reading the play-by-plays of the Auburn game). The game was definitely interesting. First of all, student tickets to the game are free, and there were signs around campus trying to encourage students to show up at the game. That should tell you a good bit right there. There was virtually no tailgating until you got to the stadium parking lot. And as we walked by the library there were lots of students going in and out studiously carrying their backpacks. On a football Saturday. Also, during the pregame show, with about 20 minutes until the game started, the stadium was still about half empty. It filled up when the game started, but didn't seem to stay that way for long and was almost completely empty by the end. Mississippi State won by a pretty good margin, which was good. I know Gerrit was glad to see his team win in person. It's the only football game he's going to get to go to all year.

I, on the other hand, am going to get to go home in November and go to the Auburn vs. Georgia game! (Oh, how I have missed you Jordan-Hare!) I'm extremely excited about this because I will get to finally feel some fall weather (it is 88 degrees here this week), spend time with my family (who I miss all the time) AND see my Auburn Tigers play in person! And celebrate my mom's birthday by walking our crazy dog Bo around the Botanical Gardens Christmas lights. It should be pretty exciting!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Quick Update

We have been so horrible about keeping up with this! We must get better! But we have really been quite busy continuing to feel settled here in Houston. Pretty much everything is unpacked and in it's place by now. We still have some furniture pieces we want to get (our TV is still on the floor) and a huge stack of pictures to decide where to hang. But mostly everything has come together!

Gerrit has started his job and he is loving it! It really is perfect for him. Basically his team is a liaison between the computer engineers and the rest of the company that needs to learn to use what the computer engineers have been working on. He also works with great people, and that always helps.

Our exploring of this city has been somewhat limited. We've done a couple a things, been to a couple of restaurants, and a couple of churches (we think we finally might have found a good one). On weekday evenings we have been relaxing (and watching way too much 30 Rock), and we have also been really good about going to the fitness center here at the apartment complex. Also, Saturday would be the perfect time for Houston adventures, but honestly...why would we get out of the house when there is college football on all Saturday?? haha :)

The next week is going to be very exciting here. Tonight Gerrit's parents and youngest brother are flying in to visit us for the weekend! Then they are leaving on Monday to go visit more family in Texas, and my parents are going to be here on Wednesday! I am so very excited to see everyone...we have missed our families so very much!