Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend (Gerrit) (Archive)

Erin and I went home to Huntsville this past weekend for our fourth of July "break". I got to go home wednesday evening thanks to my professors moving my exams up, and Erin came home thursday night.

I was really looking forward to the break because I had some family coming in from texas (my mom's brother and his daughters, along with my maternal Grandparents) and I was looking forward to getting to spend some time with extended family and Erin together. She was a real sport about the whole thing and I must thank her father for allowing me to steal her from him for virtually the whole weekend.

We had a lot of fun swimming with my two cousins (Alexia, 12 and Mia, 5). Mia absolutely adored Erin, and it was fun to play little kid games in the pool (though my brothers were never really into playing "mermaids" when we were younger). It was really one of very few opportunities that Erin and I will have to swim this summer, so we enjoyed it to the fullest!

On the fourth Erin and I went over to our friend Lauren's house so that Erin could try on her bridesmaid's dress for their wedding, and we came back later that evening with all of my family to join the whole street, which we used to joke was called "Willowbrook Way" for the number of families from our church that lived there, for fireworks and home-made icecream.

All in all it was a nice weekend, and now we're back at our respective universities starting classes all over again.