Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Showers

The season of wedding showers and parties has begun.

On Friday night, Erin had a party with her bridesmaids and some other friends. Her friend Lissie did a fabulous job and made a really nice scrapbook from it.

While Erin was at her party, I went over to my (recently married) friend Casey’s house to catch up, play Wii, and have guy time while the girls had their fun.

On Saturday evening, Erin’s parents hosted a party for our Attendants in their newly landscaped backyard. We had wanted to have a party for our Attendants as an opportunity to thank them for agreeing to be in our wedding, and to give them a small token of that thanks as well.

In addition to the parties this weekend, Erin and I also bought a car! We bought a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that will be primarily my commuter car. Though we got a great deal on the car, I’m mostly excited that it’s Maroon :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Glimpse of Houston

Recently, Erin and I loaded up the car and headed to Houston for a few days.

Exxon had put us in contact with a realtor, and we'd arranged a meeting with her to look for an apartment. Before our trip, we'd poured hours (Erin, admittedly, more than myself) into looking at suggestions the realtor emailed us. Having browsed the web for reviews, used Google Streetview to scope out neighborhoods, and reviewed floorplans, we were able to narrow it down to just a few possible complexes before we even arrived.

The first evening in Houston, Erin and I went to a Greek Restaurant and spent some time driving around town to get ourselves oriented. We also found the apartment complex that we had arranged to meed the realtor at the next day.

The next morning, we met the realtor and toured The Gael, a complex we had really liked from our research. After seeing an apartment in the Gael, we traveled a bit further out of town to check out some other complexes. Though each of the apartment complexes we saw had pro's and con's, we ultimately decided that there was no beating the location and price of the Gael.

We went back and signed a contract at the Gael to confirm our selection, and then headed out for lunch and some more exploring of the city.

The next day, Erin and I had lunch with the Exxon recruiter (and MSU alum) who had originally interviewed me last fall for the job. She and I have stayed in touch since then, and it was nice to get to chat with her about life in Houston.

We wrapped up the day with more exploring. Erin and I found my office building and did some more driving around downtown. We really enjoyed the opportunity to just get lost together, knowing that the GPS could always get us back. After exploring the town, we went to a Central Market grocery store (lots of organic, local produce kind of grocery store) and grabbed dinner there.

The next day it was time to go home. Though our return drive took far longer than expected (thanks to two standstill traffic jams and weather that forced interstate travel down to 35 mph), it was a very enjoyable and successful trip.

Looking through a courtyard across the street at The Gael

Driving on the inner loop headed north towards the Galleria area