Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Final Weekend in Starkville

This past weekend, Erin and her family, along with my Dad and brother, came down to Starkville to help me haul some my larger possessions back home. Erin and her family came down on Friday night and we went to Mugshots (our favorite hamburger place) and Bop's (our favorite frozen custard place) and I took them on a tour of campus.

The next morning we had breakfast at The Little Dooey, then went to pick up a uHaul trailer we could fit my stuff in.

While Mr. Bruce and I tried in vain to get the tail-lights working on the trailer, my Dad and brother arrived and started helping get things organized. Eventually, we loaded up my bookshelves, table, mattress, boxspring, and futon into the trailer. Because of the limited room I'll have in the jeep when I head home on Thursday, we went ahead and loaded my TV up into Dad's car.

Now, my apartment is essentially bare, with a few essentials like an air mattress, clothes, and a loaf of bread.

Fortunately, I only have to live like this for a couple more days before coming home :)

11 days till the wedding!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Are We There Yet?

So...we are down to about 3.5 weeks. Which is CRAZY. Sometimes this throws me in to a bit of a panic because I have about a gazillion things constantly running through my head that need to be done. At this point we mostly have just little details left to take care of, figuring out the scheduling, etc. Although we do still have to make the wedding programs, buy some candles (which I guess is a little detail), and things such as that. Also, buying a pen for the guest book. Why is it so difficult to find simple (non-frilly) wedding items? And the fact that we have not finished the wedding programs yet is a bit funny because about 2 months ago I had a dream that it was the wedding day and we were getting ready for the ceremony and we didn't have the programs and so I made Gerrit go home and get his computer so that we could make them at the church. Then in my dream I realized it was a dream (which was awesome) and I was very relieved.

As much as I am looking forward to it, really and truly I am ready for this chaos to be over. I am ready to have everything done and it to be the day of the rehearsal and all I have to do is enjoy it. But it will get here eventually! (And sometimes it seems almost too quickly).

Almost even crazier than the wedding being in 3.5 weeks is that us moving to Houston will occur in about 5 weeks. So at the same time that we have all of the wedding things going on, we are also trying to get things straight with the whole moving situation: talking to the moving company (we will need to set a for sure moving date); figuring TV, internet, electricity, and insurance; and of course, packing. The packing part is really crazy. We are collecting everything at Gerrit's parents' house to move from there. So far almost all of my stuff from Auburn is there and a good amount of Gerrit's stuff from Starkville is there. But I still have A LOT of stuff to clean out and pack up from my room at home, Gerrit still has some major items from his apartment in Starkville, and we have some old family furniture pieces to move in there from my great-aunt's house. And the whole 5 weeks until moving almost doesn't matter with all of that because we must have most of it done before the wedding!

If you know me well at all, you know that I like to be on a routine. So needless to say, I am so excited for it to be about the end of August and we will be married, moved, and settling into our apartment in Houston!