Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaguration Day... and so much more! (Gerrit) (Archive)

Wow... Today's a big day!

I'm currently sitting in the State Fountain Bakery here at MSU watching coverage of the inauguration of Pres. Barack Obama... He's going to be sworn in any minute now...but however exciting this seems... it is not at the top of my current things-that-make-gerrit-shake-he's-so-excited.

To be quite sure, I'm almost shaking right now because I just got off the phone with Chris at Apollo Diamonds (with whom I've been in contact with over the past several days) and he's about to call me back any minute to confirm my order...

Yes... I just bought an engagement ring...

I am so super excited right now! Though I am not planning on proposing until a bit later on in the spring, I thought it prudent to go ahead and order the ring (Since it's all online and the ring will take 3-4 weeks to be made and delivered... I decided that I'd rather go ahead and have it in case something happens in transit or something of that nature... that way I still have time to fix the problem)

And just in case you're wondering... I do have a plan for proposing... and it's a good one. I'm not going to post it online though... yet.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

To Tiger Town for Ring Shopping (Gerrit) (Archive)

Super excited about actually having something of significance to blog about this time! Erin and I went earlier today (actually I guess it was yesterday now... technically speaking) to Tiger Town to visit Ware's Jewelers. I know that a lot of people would scoff at me not wanting to surprise her with the ring... but I wanted to go to look for several things in particular:

- What size she'd feel most comfortable in
- What size diamonds and ring styles looked best on her
- Something she's going to enjoy wearing for forever

We certainly succeeded in finding a ring that not only fit all of the above, but also was almost exactly the same as a ring that Erin had been looking at on the Apollo Diamonds website. If you don't already know about Apollo Diamonds, you should definitely check out their site. Their process for creating "synthetic" diamonds is quite amazing... and the result is a diamond that is chemically identical to a "real" diamond, yet it comes with none of the conflict, corruption, or environmental destruction that mining diamonds brings.

Anyway... I'm very very excited about taking this one step closer...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Setting Up the Blog (Gerrit) (Archive)

Hey there! I'm super excited about today! I just set up the new blog that I'm going to be giving people the address to so they can follow Mine and Erin's engagement (which as of the moment has not happened yet)! I figured that this would be an excellent way to keep in touch with people and provide frequent updates! She has no idea that I'm setting this up... I'm going to blog a few times about a few significant events coming up in the next couple of weeks and then surprise her with it after I propose... I think it will be fun :)

Now I just have to get the look of the blog just right...