Monday, September 6, 2010

The Big Move

So we are here! In Houston, Texas. We've been here for about 2 weeks and have spent a lot of time unpacking, settling, and finding where important places are (grocery stores, Chick-fil-a, etc.). It also ended up that we had to find a car shop, because at the end of our first full week we were out running errands and Gerrit's car started making some awful noises. We were pretty far away from our apartment, and so we had to pull in a Lowe's parking lot and call the insurance company. They sent a tow truck to pick us up, which took us to a local garage. It was a bit of a stressful day, but we were very glad that the husband and wife who worked at the garage offered to drive us home. Also luckily we did not have to replace the whole transmission. Just a part of it was broken (although I could not tell you what exactly that was).

Another major event (also having to do with cars) was going to get our registrations and driver's licenses. Now, I'm not really sure why, but you can not do these things at the same location. First we went to the driver's license office, thinking we could do both things. But it's a good thing Gerrit went up and asked before we waited in line for hours! So we had to turn around and go to the tax office to get our car registrations. Then after lunch we went back for our licenses. We got there at 12:30, and we did not leave until 4:00. Seriously. First we waited in line for about 45 minutes for someone to give us a number, make sure we had our paperwork, and conduct our vision test. Then we sat in a huge block of chairs and waiting for 2 hours. Then our number was called, and we waited in another line for awhile. It was not very fun, but I am glad that we got it done.

Other than that we have just been doing general shopping, getting settled, doing some furniture shopping (we got pretty new bookshelves!), and watching a lot of 30 Rock. Tomorrow is Gerrit's first day of work, so we will finally get in to our real routine!