Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Tale of Two Weekends

Last Friday was Philips rite of passage ceremony. As a part of his 15th birthday, much of the extended family was in town to celebrate and attend a ceremony designed to indicate his transition into manhood. It was great to have so much family in town and to get to hang out with family friends that I hadn't seen in awhile, and in some cases that Erin hadn't even met yet.

On Saturday, everyone that was still in town went up on the mountain for a picnic. It was a wonderful way to usher in Spring! The weather was spectacular, and it was nice to spend some time outdoors. After eating lunch, most of the family went on a hike around the lake. Erin and I stayed behind and I occupied myself feeding a very brazen and curious squirrel cheetos.

Saturday evening we did presents for mine and Philip's birthday's, had delicious dessert, and watched "The Hurt Locker".

All in all a very nice weekend...

This past weekend was a completely different story.

As you already know, I’m interning as an accountant for the semester. I don’t have any desire to be an accountant, but the job paid well, was in Starkville, and fulfilled my graduation requirement. This past weekend marked the end of the first quarter, meaning all of the accountants had to work in overdrive in order to make sure all the I’s were dotted and all the T’s were crossed. Unfortunately, this meant we had to work all weekend.

Though it wasn’t exactly the way I’d hoped to spend my weekend, I will certainly enjoy the overtime check when it comes in. Until then, I’ll remain exhausted, and my biological clock will continue to make me think it’s Friday.

At least I have this upcoming weekend and Erin’s visit to Starkville to look forward to :)

EDIT: no... you're not going crazy... I accidentally posted this as "Draft" and didn't realize it hadn't published until today (4/5). I

Thursday, March 11, 2010


This semester I'm doing an internship at Auburn Public Library, so I thought that I would share a little bit about it.

First of all, I love doing an internship and not going to class. Especially on days (like today) where I wake up to rain and don't have to dread walking through it.

Pretty much the biggest thing I do is answer questions. Where are the biographies? Do you have any information about Native American medicine? Do you have (insert book title)? Can you help me with the computer? How do you divide fractions? Can you recommend and book to me? (That last one is definitely the hardest one...first of all I still have a lot to learn about what books we actually have...second of all, where do I even start with such a broad question?)

Another thing I've done is help out with the programs. I just did a Preschool Storytime about Lions the other day. I'm doing a Baby Time about farm animals in a few weeks. And pretty much every week I've been helping someone else with preparation for their program (aka I cut out lots of crafts).

Sometimes I feel a little bad because my internship is not super intense (especially when compared to Gerrit's). But then I realize how much I am learning. Every day, at least several times a day, I pick up some kind of tidbit of information about how libraries work. Whether it is something I think our library is doing wonderfully with or something I think our library could improve on, everyday I am filing away notes and information in my mind for future use.