Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Exciting News! (Erin) (Archive)

It's official today! Gerrit and I are moving to Houston next year! He officially accepted the job this morning.

Gerrit went to Houston at the beginning of this month for interviews at Exxon, and came back so excited about the job possibility. He heard back with an offer within a few days and we pretty much knew that we would take it. It's a great offer with great benefits (they really take care of you), and Gerrit is so excited about what kind of work he would be doing (computer stuff that I couldn't explain haha). But even though we felt really sure about this we decided to wait to make it official because he had another interview with another company later in the month.

But now he has accepted the job and we are so excited and I am so proud of him! It's quite scary still, and there are lots of details to be ironed out, but we know it will be a fun adventure. We of course have been doing lots of research, and I have ordered some books about Houston.

Sometime in May probably we are going to be going to Houston to look for somewhere to live. Exxon is wonderful in that they are going to help us out with all of that. I'm excited to go and see the new city we will be living in!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekending With Erin's Family (Gerrit) (Archive)

This weekend has been a wonderful time to hang out with Erin and her family. I came down on Friday evening and helped Erin get her trailer clean for company, then her parents arrived and we had a nice time just hanging out, visiting, and catching up. We talked about the possibility of Houston and I described what this coming Thursday and Friday have in store for me on my site tour.

On Saturday, we got up pretty early to head to the Auburn v. Ole Miss game (which kicked off at the odd time of 11:21am). Erin and I had to be there early to get good seats in the student section. We met up with one of Erin's friends and her boyfriend before the game at a tailgate, then we headed into the stadium. Due to the threat of rain and the early kickoff, we didn't expect to struggle to find seats. I was surprised at how many people were there already, but we got great seats to the game! We were four rows up in the corner of the end zone (here's the link to a pic -> http://twitpic.com/noojc) and actually made it on TV (here's the link to two pics my dad took off his TV -> http://twitpic.com/nvop0 and http://twitpic.com/nvoim). It was a really fun game... and it was good to watch Auburn have some success on offense. There were some HUGE hits laid out yesterday... it was a very exciting game to watch.

After the game was over we headed back to Erin's trailer to get ready for the big fiesta. Family, friends, and significant others all piled into her living room for feasting (no seriously... there was so much food), chatting, and more football! I was really pleased that the Mississippi State game was on TV... and I really enjoyed getting to watch us play a great game too :) We beat Kentucky 31 - 24, making my day a perfect three for three. 1. getting to watch auburn win 2. getting to watch Ole Miss lose 3. getting to watch State win.

That deserves a big smiley :D

Now we're gearing up to head to lunch with Erin's family and grandparents... and are hoping that all parties remembered the time changed last night...