Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Lone Star on the Horizon? (Gerrit) (Archive)

I haven't posted about this situation that's been brewing because: a) I didn't want to jinx it... and b) I was worried that I'd get your hopes up (and in the meantime over-inflate my own)

Anyway, now is a good time to give you a very important update on a big decision that Erin and I have been thinking and praying a lot on recently...

Around three weeks ago I went to an information session for ExxonMobil and really was impressed by what they had to say. The jobs they described that they were recruiting for in their Information Systems department sounded excellent, and the benefits even better! Only one problem... a job with Exxon would require a move to Houston.

A few days later, they invited me out to dinner with some of the other recruits they had decided to interview. The dinner brought even more enticing information to light, and I got to sit down and talk with a lady who works in their information systems department. She told me her favorite thing about working for Exxon was that they rotate you through positions around every two years. They do this to keep their employees fresh, innovative, and to constantly look for the managerial talent. A great part of this is that often, you get to sit down with your supervisor and pick your next assignment.

Very excited, I went to my interview the next day. I was relieved when the lady I had talked to at the dinner turned out to be my interviewer! Already being comfortable around her made the interview much easier. The interview went well,and she told me that I should hear back in the next few weeks.

Just over a week and a half later (now we're up to this past Monday) I got a phone call from a woman in the ExxonMobil HR department. She informed me that I had made the cut and asked if I would be available to fly out on November 5th and 6th to Houston for a site visit and a series of additional interviews. She told me that I wouldn't be competing for a position with the other recruits, that there were plenty of positions, but gave the impression that the interviews would be more designed to determine placement within the company.

After a quick call with Travel to set up my itinerary, I was all set to fly out of Birmingham on November 5!

Erin and I are VERY excited/nervous/scared/pumped/uncertain/anxious about this possible move to Houston. Even though it would be very very hard to be away from "home" and from so much of our families, it would be a fun adventure.

Please pray for us as we work towards making this big decision, that Erin would be able to find a good job there too, and that we'd be able to find the perfect place to live (if this is what we decide).

Nothing is set in stone yet (I don't actually have an offer... and won't hear official until the beginning of December), but Erin and I are doing a lot of research.

Your prayers are appreciated!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Engagement Photos (Gerrit) (Archive)

So we have our engagement photos back and they are wonderful!

For those of you who would like to see them, here is a preview.

You can also go check out more on our photos page, or go to Simply Bloom's blog (