Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An Update... (Erin) (Archive)

Oh my goodness! It was been over a month since we have written anything and I am quite sorry for anyone who has been waiting for an update...

Gerrit and I have both been incredibly busy with the start of a new semester. My schedule is a bit less intense than his. He is taking 21 hours which is insane and hopefully he will survive. So far he's doing a really good job though. I, on the other hand, am taking less hours than I have ever taken before, but, being the student that I am, I have been able to find plenty of ways to stay busy.

Football season is also underway (yay!). This past weekend Gerrit came to Auburn to visit for the Auburn vs. Mississippi State game. Unfortunately (for him) Auburn won by a lot. Really I didn't want us to win that much. I really was rooting for Mississippi State at the end because I didn't want him to be so disappointed in his team. I'm sure my family is appalled by this fact. ;)

After the game Saturday things got worse though. I had a fever. I'm so glad Gerrit was in town to take care of me and I felt much better on Monday. I relapsed yesterday though and went to the doctor today (which is not very helpful and only necessary because I am missing class and need an excuse). So I'm at home resting today and trying to get better because I hate missing class. Hopefully Gerrit won't get sick later this week though!

In other news: we got our engagement pictures back! Hopefully soon we will have some blog images for everyone to see!